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Social Apps“everyone is a storyteller”

Empowering entrepreneurs, writers, journalists, speakers, documentarians, producers, artists, galleries, museums, actors, musicians etc., to expand their online exposure via digital media storytelling.   The emphasis is on developing a digital narrative using a multimedia and transmedia approach including  still and moving imagery, sound, text etc.  This narrative is developed in different forms and then shared on multiple platforms to extend audience interaction and participation.

New Media

“storytelling is information – it engages with the world”

Creating visual energy via: photos and images, video, written content, mobile, social & other media platforms.

Visual Media

Strong visual images help to tell a story and are a powerful tool to engage audiences across platforms.  Consumers today expect to see impressive and detailed images, panoramas, visual tours etc, of people, products and services in which they are interested.  Find out more about our photography services.


Camelview 5 photo be James PeggieWith the development of social media, video has created perhaps the greatest impact.  Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are some of the most popular social sites.  Micro-video has become a trend recently with the popularity of sites like Vine.  You should have a video presence on them – and they should be optimized for greatest impact.  Video marketing and video SEO are increasingly important marketing tools.

Sound Design

Producing custom sound design and audio for videos, film and other multimedia projects.

Sound Design Sample

Content Marketing

Digital led storytelling can be used in websites, social platforms and then adapted into real life.  The goal is to engage and encourage participation and interaction.  Great storytelling can play a role in your success.  Find out more about content marketing.

Social Media

Extend your social reach and gain consumer attention by optimizing your social media profiles.  Social media refers to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  Social media can be used to communicate your news, new ideas, visual culture etc., and can expand your community of interested people.  Social media marketing is a platform for sharing information and listen to feedback.

Book Marketing

Self publishing is a growing field.  However many new and experienced authors have trouble marketing their books.  If your goal is to make a profit from self publishing then you should treat it as a business – and an important aspect of this is marketing.  Online and social marketing plays a major role in self publishing and marketing.  You’ve put a great deal of work in writing your book, but this is not the end, its just the beginning.  Find out more about marketing books.

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