Content Marketing

The content on your website (video, text, images) can enhance your visitor experience , improve search engine rankings and increase site traffic. The goal of developing great content is to engage site visitors with a view to generating sales. Regular additions of compelling new content help keep your marketing message fresh and alive.

Content Marketing, Content Development Scottsdale, Arizona by James PeggieContent marketing revolves around developing a content strategy. This strategy should be aligned with your overall marketing goals. Determine how your audience finds content, what form of content works best, and the reaction this content instills. Once the strategy is in place an editorial plan can be developed. This editorial plan lays out in detail the creation of content for your site.

Content creation depends on factors such as your budget and quality expectations. The content should relate to your audience and the context of its presentation. E.g. will it be used on your website, a social profile or a mobile platform?

Content Strategy, Content Development Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona by James PeggieOnce the content has been developed then it should be optimized and publicized. There are multiple ways to publicize your new content including RSS, SEO, paid search and social channels. Content statistics should be monitored and tracked to provide feedback and to streamline the performance of the original strategy.

Website Usability

Usability helps to improve the function of your website and it’s content.  The focus is on the user experience and what they get from visiting your site.  If you can improve the visitor’s interactions with your site it can result in increased business and customer satisfaction.  Usability relates to your site content, user navigation, branding, findable (onsite and offsite) and trust factor.

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