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Local Search Marketing – Connecting online traffic to your local business

Local Search Engine Optimization SEOThere are over 3 billion local searches via the major search engines every month!!  If you own a business with local customers then local search should be an important aspect of your marketing strategy.  Be aware that local search can be complex so its a good idea to learn as much as possible about the field.

Local search marketing helps businesses selling products and services to a local marketplace. Search engines are actively attempting to improve the quality of their local search offerings. It is estimated that by 2015 30% of all searches will be local. 80% of all local searches are done via smartphones.  50% of all mobile searches are local.

Therefore if you target market is local it is wise to invest your marketing efforts in this area.  A local search strategy involves the following:

  • Optimize your website for the local market
  • If you have more than one physical location Google suggests you build an individual site page for each
  • Undertake a local keyword targeting strategy for each location and optimize your local pages
  • Target long-tail geo-specific keywords which are essential for local search. These should be used throughout your website.
  • Always include your full address, phone number as well as detailed directions
  • Claim your profiles on search engines and directories e.g, Google Places, Yelp. Yellow Pages etc.
  • Verify all profiles – if you have many locations bulk upload information for verification
  • Pay attention to category selection
  • Complete as much information as possible within profile
  • Include visual content such as photos and video in your profiles – geocode all images
  • Develop image sitemaps
  • Seek out local directories for inclusion
  • Share your local information via social media
  • Encourage customer ratings and reviews. Consumer opinions build trust and help your search engine rankings.
  • Make use of free coupons and other offers
  • Manage you local profiles. These should be updated on a monthly basis.
  • Track your progress via tracking tools

Google Local & Maps

Businesses with a local target market should be involved with local search marketing as search behavior is moving in this direction. This will help local businesses to increase sales and say ahead of their competitors.

A strong local search presence also plays a key role in overall search performance.  Citations or mentions by other local sites play a role similar to links.  They help to build your site’s authority and thus benefit your rankings.  Building trust is perhaps the most important aspect of developing a successful local search presence.

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Local Search is used by the general public to find businesses or services in their vicinity.  They may be searching for a restaurant or a particular shop. In fact 80% of all searches are done locally.  People have forsaken the traditional paper phone books and Yellow Pages and turned to the Internet to find what they want.  Can your business afford to miss out on these types of opportunities?

Local Search is based on specific geographical areas.  People are accessing local businesses via their smartphones, mobile and touch devices such as the iPad as well as through the Internet on their computers and laptops.  We offer Local Search services to businesses serving a particular neighborhood, town, or city.   These include:

  • Local Search Photography
  • Local Search Video
  • Local Search Content
  • Local Search Marketing

Local Search marketing continues to grow at a remarkable pace.  New local platforms appear and social sites are putting increased emphasis on location.  Existing platforms such as Google local search (Google Places) are becoming increasingly popular – but should be set up and optimized to offer the greatest business opportunities.  Once set up then great content can be added such as photos, 360 panoramas, virtual tours, video – all to show your business in its best possible life to drive new customers and sales.  If you have a local business then its in your best interest to participate in this exciting marketing trend.

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