Local SEO

Many businesses do not have the expertise to develop a local online marketing strategy. They are experts in their field but do not have the staffing levels to specialize in all aspects of business. This is where we can help out.

Today, almost all businesses and professionals need an online marketing strategy to help them succeed. There are various different strategies that can help. Every business is different and the strategy should be built to meet their needs.

Up until around 5 years ago you could build a website, invest in some SEO and succeed. Today things are much more difficult. You need a well rounded local search strategy that incorporates social media and content marketing. The search engines put an increasing amount of weight on the quality and freshness of your content. This can be achieved by focusing on producing written, video, photographs, graphics and other types of content for your website. Social marketing enhances this by sharing your content with your community.

NeonVox offers local search and social strategies for professionals and businesses including video seo, social media campaigns, social media audits and social media plans, social media management, social media education and training, internet marketing, SEO, content creation, link building, online pr, blogging, as well as online business development. This is all aimed at maximizing the business to consumer or business to business relationship.

There are many people out there offering different services and its difficult to sort through all the noise and decide what is best for you. Most companies are looking for a substantial investment with a contract, a down payment and monthly fee. I charge by the hour – so that you can control how much you invest. My goal is to provide you with measurable results while providing you with value for money. In this economic conditions this makes sense.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) prepares a website to perform well in the search engine rankings.

Search engines such as Google give the highest rankings to authority sites. Authority sites have a few things in common.

  • They are aged sites (not new)
  • Include great, unique content that is regularly updated and is of interest to site visitors
  • Have links (votes) from other sites with similar content.

Unless your site is an authority site the chances of it ranking in Google will be slim.

SEO cleans up you site’s code so there are no roadblocks preventing search engines from indexing the site.  Keyword analysis determines the types of phrases that your audience is using to find goods or services that your provide.  Content development will look at your content in relation to your keywords.  Your content should match your keywords.  Your content should always be fresh and appealing to site visitors.  It should attract links from people who visit your site.  Link development helps to identify sources of incoming links to your site from other meaningful sites.


Links or citations from other sites in your field or industry to your content are one of the most important indicators of authority within the search engine algorithms. They are votes for your site from other sites in your industry. Along with content associated with your video they tell the search engines what your site is about and therefor influence how you will rank.

Its not about quantity of links, but rather quality. Contextual links are highly effective if developed along with other types in a natural progression. This makes up you site’s linking footprint. If your site does not have an authoritative link footprint then the probability of ranking for any keyword term is slim.

Superior content attracts links from other websites. Thats why you often find sites with a ton of great content (text, photos, video, podcasts, webinars etc) at the top of the search engine rankings. People like that kind of content and link to it. Google puts value on these links and increases the authority of the site.

Steps to Improve Your Local Listing

These are ranked based on the number of positive reviews.  Another factor in the ranking is the number of Citations  (mentions of your business name and address on other webpages)

  1. Fill out 100% of the listing – including images, visual tour and video.  Official Business name and address should be completely accurate.
  2. Use Yext to spread your information and grow citations
  3. Add your official name and address to your social profiles such as Facebook – more citations
  4. Build some links to your official website including city/state as well as a few with zip-code
  5. Ask all your happy customers to leave positive reviews on your Google+ Local page

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