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Marketing Books – How to Market Your Book – Self Publishing

Marketing books for self publishingIf you want to profit from your publishing you should treat it as a business.  You need marketing as part of your total package.

Start early – meeting people and marketing before you publish your book.  Get feedback and adapt it into your writing.

Determine your target readership – these are the folks who are going to be interested in what you write.  How do you reach these people?

Why did you write the book – what benefits does it give your audience?  Why should they buy?  What is unique about your book? Develop a marketing plan based on this information.

What are your goals?  To sell books, develop a mailing list, official book launch etc.  Set your goals on a timeline up until and after your book launch.

Marketing your book is important if you want to sell.  Online marketing is ideal for self publishing.

Make use of a website, blog, social channels, video, online PR, Amazon sales, video interviews, podcasts, mailing lists etc.

Develop relationships with key influencers in your field.

Keywords strategies help develop traffic.

Influential people are followed by many on social channels such as Twitter.  Become an influencer!

Presentations and workshops help you to reach out and network in person.

Book reviews are important.  Good reviews persuade people to buy the book.

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