Real Estate Photography

We offer real estate photography in Scottsdale including virtual tours and 360 panorama photography.

Real Estate Photography Scottsdale by James PeggieGreat pictures are one of the most important attributes of a successful home sale! This is because in this day and age the majority of people search online and often narrow down their choice based on the information they find. Virtual tours and 360 panoramas play an important role in creating an emotional bond.

In fact 98% of buyers have said that photos were one of the most important factors of a real estate website. (National Association of Realtors)

There is a big difference between photos taken with a digital camera by a listing agent and those taken by a professional. We all know how important first impressions can be!! It makes sense to use first class photos to enhance the first impression of your home.

I recently bought a house and was amazed at the low quality photographs used to market the homes that I looked at!  I would estimate that 9 out of 10 did not do a good job, and that most did not show everything I was interested in seeing.  (And often the quality was so bad I could not make out what was supposedly on show!!)

Professional photos can create a sense of spaciousness and a real desire to see properties in person! Do your photos do this? Do your photos stick out from the so-so photos that abound in the real estate space? (Its an easy way to save money right!!…not!!))

Real Estate Photography by James PeggieDo you have the right amount of photos on your listing?  How do you know what is a good balance between interior and exterior shots? Are your prospects wading through a multitude of bad photos? Which photos are most important? Are you showing your home to its best advantage?

Did you know that realtors that use professional real estate photographs have 61% greater views than those taken by amateur photographers?

If you are selling your house insist your realtor uses a professional!! Take the realtor around your home and show them the shots you think are best!! Tell them to keep their digital camera at home and call in a professional. It will make a big difference and may mean a quicker sale and a higher selling price!  Photos should always come through you for your approval. Review them and let your realtor know what you think of them. Look at similar homes that are for sale and compare your photographs. How do yours stand up? Insist on the very best!!  Also consider virtual tours and 360 panoramas as more and more buyers are shortlisting the homes they want to view before they meet up with their realtor.

If you need great real estate photographs in the Scottsdale area that will help to sell your home then contact us today!!