Social Media Audit

Determinations of a social media audit

  • What are the social media business objectives?
  • Does the current social media strategy meet these objectives?
  • What is the target market (audience size and demographics) of the social media campaign?
  • How does the target market use social media?
  • What social media platforms are currently being used?
  • What strengths and weaknesses are associated with each platform?
  • What metrics are currently being collected related to the social media campaign?
  • What are your competitors doing with social media?
  • Can we emulate any of the competitors strategies?
  • What platforms, content, and campaigns work well in this industry?
  • Where is the correct audience participating and what strengths does the client have that they can exploit using social media?
  • What campaigns, content strategy, or promotions need to be implemented to achieve the client’s goals and expectations?
  • How do we define success measures?
  • How can we plan for ongoing maintenance, continuous development, and tracking of information?


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