New Media NarrativesTransmedia Storytelling is a new, futuristic and creative narrative process. It is a rapidly evolving digital field which takes the form of individual stories, messages or themes which make up part of the overall ‘story world,’ across multiple media platforms.

Transmedia narratives are used by creative entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers, authors, artists, entertainment executives, teachers, etc, to captivate and engage their audience and draw them into their story via a combination of different media forms including content, images, video, animation, audio, websites, e-books, blogs, social media, mobile technology, art, role playing, interactivity, games, puzzles, events etc.  New media plays a distinct part in the story and how it is created and disseminated.

Interactive Storytelling

In the field of transmedia storytelling the audience plays an active role in the narrative and the roles of storyteller and listener is participatory and collaborative.  Engagement withing the storyworld improves persuasiveness, comprehension and enjoyment.

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