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OnlineVideo“73% consumers are more likely to buy a product or sign up for a service if they watch a branded video that explains the product.”

Video plays an important part of any business online marketing strategy.  Sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are tremendously popular.  In fact YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google.  Therefore it makes sense to develop and share information via video in which your prospects are interested.

Google and other search engines give authority to video.  This means they often show up in search results.  Therefore it is always recommended that you optimize your videos and include a call to action.

Videos should be shared on your website and social media profiles.  The more views it gets, the more authority it will build.  The same is true for the amount of interaction it receives in terms of ‘likes’ and comments.

We are a Greater Phoenix area based full-service video production company.  They provide cost-effective,  professional video production services to local business. The goal is to create an impact on the business audience.

To do this they help businesses with their branding efforts to increase their bottom line.  This is done by using video to consolidate their brand and their message via their website, local search profiles, social profiles and video search engines.

Other video services offered includes:

  • Meetings and Conventions
  • Training and HR Orientation
  • Education
  • Testimonials
  • Product Demos
  • Promos
  • Corporate Interviews
  • Industrial Spotlights

Please contact us for further information

We can help you to develop your online business and your local search strategy.  If you are just getting started or if you have a website that is not producing then contact us.

  • Website development
  • Website critique
  • Search observations
  • Social observations
  • Online business opportunities

 Video and Search

A large component of online business is Internet marketing.  Internet marketing includes a host of different specializations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your site to get ranked in the organic (natural) search engine results. You should aim to maximize all of your search engine opportunities. If your site is not optimized then you are missing many opportunities. Increased qualified traffic as well as conversions and sales. Even if you have a new site or a new blog it pays to make your site ‘search engine friendly’.

Paid Search refers to the ads you see when you do a search. People pay to get listed high up in the ads. This is a viable business opportunity for many businesses.

Local Search refers to being found in the search engine rankings of your local area. If your business draws from a local market it is advisable to investigate your options using Local Search.

Other specializations including link development and content creation are also important aspects of internet marketing.

Internet marketing using video can play a key role in gaining a competitive advantage within your industry.

Helping Online Businesses To Maximize Their Potential

Online business development is the way to get your online business on track and producing. This includes brand building and maximizing profits. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or a small business, just getting started or caught in a rut, then getting professional input can pay dividends.

There are many different aspects related to building an online business and is hard for a business owner to wear all of these hats. You may be at the start of the process and wondering the best way to get the ball rolling. You may have an online business set up, but feel that things are not quite right, or you may have an established business that needs some refinement to maximize opportunities.

Your Business Direction

  • Do you have a passion for your business?
  • Do you have a clear vision for your business?
  • Do you understand the marketplace and your competition?
  • Do you have ideas but no business or financial plan?
  • Can you develop these ideas, build a strategy around them and then execute the plan?
  • Are you ready to say no to certain ideas?
  • Do you have a new business strategy that is full of potential, or are you heading down the same path as many others who will be competing for the same business?
  • Are you ready to move with your new business or are you plagued by indecision?
  • Have you done your homework, or do you need some help?
  • Is your business plan feasible?
  • Do you have the manpower to succeed?
  • Are you looking for new partners to help you excel?
  • Are you enthusiastic about your businesses potential?
  • Do you know where your online business is headed?
  • Are you ready to move, get started immediately and not stop until you succeed?

We Can Help You

Develop your online business to achieve your goals:

  • Strategic Options
  • Online Business Strategy & Plans
  • Domain, Hosting & Website Development
  • Online Business Analysis
  • Website Content – Text, Graphics, Sound, Video
  • Total Internet Presence – Website, Blog, Social Media, Video
  • Business Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Internet Marketing Strategy – SEO, PPC, SMM
  • Online Business Consulting

We have a passion for understanding online business and helping people build success. We can help you see the big picture and keep you on track. If you need a mentor, an adviser and a confidant then we are here.

Video Production for a Digital Age

Video is growing faster than almost any other form of digital media.  Today it is ‘the’ method for getting your marketing message across.  The reach is endless as clients and customers are ‘social’ and share videos to their friends and colleagues who in turn share it with others.

One professional 2 minute video can pay dividends for your business via sales, marketing, branding and PR.

Online video is in it’s infancy and today video marketing is perhaps the fastest growing marketing medium.  Video SEO plays an important role in getting your video noticed!  Video content along with other content such as text, photos, podcasts etc., should be an important part of your online presence to increase sales and build your brand.

Your video should show potential customers your location, your product or merchandise, along with why they should trust you and how you can help them.

Add your 2 minute marketing video to:

  • Your business website
  • Your local profiles such as Google Places
  • Your social profiles such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Video search engines such as YouTube

Ask us about our 2 minute marketing video special!!

About Our Phoenix Based Video Productions

We offer full service, cost-effective, professional quality HD Video Production:

  • Location shoots
  • Web video production
  • Post-production
  • 13 years of experience

Engage your customers with video marketing!

Video should be integrated into your website and be uploaded to social video sites and social profiles.  People love to share video and so its also an important aspect of social media marketing.

YouTube is the second largest search engine with only Google being larger.  Therefore it makes business sense to be active and found within this search engine.  Can you afford to miss out?

 Video Marketing

Videos should be informative and give viewers a good feeling about your business. Relate your product or service to a real life person or team. Or personalize your web presence with a real face to your business. Keep your video short – under 2 minutes if possible.  Understand what your audience wants and – keep your message clear and simple!!

We can help with your video marketing.  Our services include:

  • Video creatives
  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • Video marketing
  • Video management

Video marketing using local search marketing along with active social media engagement is an excellent vehicle for brand building. Because video now an important vehicle of communication the opportunities for brand building abound. What can you gain by brand building via video?

  • Increases visibility and value. People will have increased access to your brand. This increases the value of it in their eyes.
  • Increases confidence. People will perceive a strong and vital brand which builds confidence and increase demand.
  • Raises credibility and authority. The more brand exposure you have in relation to your competition the more opportunities will come your way.
  • Sets expectations. People will have an image of your brand and performance which will set you apart from the competition. It influences whether they will come to you instead of a competitor.
  • Creates trust. A strong brand creates emotion which is an important part of decision making.

Video marketing can help to build your local brand – and develop your business.

Video Content

Content is one of your most valuable marketing tools. The best websites (and the ones that rank in the search engines) have the best content on them – it is what site visitors value. Its also important to search engines and will help your rankings as their algorithms are now very much focused on fresh, unique content.  This includes more than ever – video content!

Video content marketing helps you to get your message developed and distributed so that it is visible to your target audience. The aim is to make your targets take action and interact with your business. Great video content helps to build interest and trust in your brand and products.

Video content is then distributed via your website, your blog, social sites, video feeds or other communication platforms. It encourages communication with video viewers.

The truth is its really is all about connecting with your audience and so more than ever video content is probably one of the most important part of your web presence.

Every individual situation requires a unique approach to video creation. This is especially true when developing social content. The goal is to create valuable content for the people with whom you are trying to build a relationship.

Video Content Creation

  • Know your Audience
  • Use a Simple Message
  • Keep it Short
  • Match Your Personality to the Audience
  • Integrate into a Story

With the Panda update the Google search engine is putting increasing authoritative value on the content created for your site. Content can refer to writing, photos, video etc.

Written content for example should always be created for your site as unique, individualized writing. And it should be regularly updated and added to. The search engines want to rank sites that offer searchers the very best content for the search term/keyword that they use. If your content is weak, old, or thin it may well be affecting your position in the search engines.  The same applies to video.  The more popular it is and the more often it is shared – the greater your opportunities are to maximize your business.

Social business is here to stay!! Successful organizations are embracing social media as an important tool of business to consumer communication. Its about building relationships with people and video is one of the best methods to do this. To stay at the front you need to develop a culture of strategic social innovation. The goal is to integrate social media into your corporate environment and optimize ROI from all social activities.

Social Media Facts

  • Every business small or large should incorporate social media into its business strategies
  • Most businesses have no clear social media strategy
  • Businesses should adopt a social culture
  • Social media is in a constant state of flux – things change every day
  • Social media is controlled by the end user and not from the point of origin

Social Media Plans

  • Social Media Audits
  • Social Media Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Tactical Plans

Social Media Strategy

  • Listen
  • Monitor
  • Engage
  • Encourage Customer Response

Social Media Objectives

  • Branding
  • Develop Active Relationships
  • Build Trust
  • Customer Feedback
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Strengthen Community

Social Media Campaigns

  • Generate Leads
  • Build Strong Relationships
  • Develop Consumer Interaction and Insight

Social Media Management

  • Build Social Profiles
  • Create Social Content
  • Distribute Content on Social Sites
  • Interact with Social Community

Social Media Reporting

  • Track Social Accounts
  • Analyze Social Data
  • Understand Customer & Brand Perceptions, Competitor Performance, Consumer Feedback

In a nutshell social media marketing is about communicating – and creating value for those you communicate with.

Social Media Campaigns

Running a social media campaign for many companies or brands can be a full time job. There is a lot to manage on a day to day basis including posts, tweets, articles, photos, video etc. In larger companies these tasks are often handed over to the marketing department who may not have the specialized skills or the time to keep these skills updated in a fast moving, dynamic industry.

One solution is to outsource social marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing can have a major impact on brands. Therefor it make sound business sense to develop and participate in social media campaigns.

It is not enough to do this because you have to – social media marketing needs firm goals and an input of genuine passion!! (How can you expect your customers to be passionate about your offering if your message is bland?) You ultimately want to engage with prospects and customers – this is what social media campaigns are all about. Creating great content, offering incentives for participation, and converting prospects not only into customers – but ultimately into evangelists for your products and your company.

Social Media Audits

A social media audit is an evaluation of your existing social media campaign. An audit is a useful way to identify improvements in your campaign.

The social media audit will look at various elements of your campaign:

  • Profiles
  • Profile Branding
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Social Profile Integration
  • Web Site Integration
  • Overall Marketing Integration
  • Content Quality
  • Content Updates
  • Frequency of “Call to Actions”
  • Gifts and Givaways
  • Social Measurement Tools
  • Social Mention Tools
  • Social Analytics
  • Social Media Effort
  • Social Media Results
  • Positives / Negatives
  • Overall Success

This social media audit will help you to determine the steps you need to take to achieve success. From this information you can develop your social media plan to optimize your social endeavors.

Social media marketing does not just happen!! It takes planning and integration into the organization. Just as having a business plan is essential for the development of your business so a well thought out social media plan is a necessary part of your overall social media strategy. There is much at stake with the way you interact socially and so it makes sense to have a structured plan in place to guide you through the process.

Social Media Marketing Plans

Basic Steps in a Social Media Marketing Plan:

    • Overview of Business
    • General Business & Marketing Goals
    • Current Situation
    • Competitive Environment
    • Outline Goals and Objectives: e.g. New Prospects, New Customers, Increased Sales, Branding, Engagement, Key Influencers
    • Content Strategy – Speak to your community via text, podcasts, photo, video
    • Listen to your Community – What are they saying about your brand?
    • Measurement, Analysis and Reports – Understand your customers, competitors and industry
    • Tactical Plan – Determine who does the work, the time frame and the resources needed


Social media should be integrated throughout your organization. The social media plan will help you to keep on track and enable you to educate employees, develop content, understand what is being said, and measure how well you are doing.

Social Media Management

Providing Social Media Management services for individuals and business intent on using social media as a marketing tool.

This includes developing, administrating, monitoring and managing content for your business social media sites. These include platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Flickr, Linkedin, Blogs and Forums etc.

The strategy will be to work with social communities via content creation, responding to discussions, comments and questions and observing all social activity.

Social media tasks include account development, interaction and maintenance. Regular content creation for social sites. Participation in relevant social communities. Develop a outreach programs by identifying the business audience and key influencers. Undertake social media competitive analysis to find out what competitors are doing in the space. Develop analytics and reporting systems to analyze and evaluate social media activities and strategies. Work with key management and marketing staff to assist in the execution of strategies across all business functions.

For more information about how to expand your social media reach using video please contact us.

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