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Video SEO Optimization Phoenix, ArizonaSearcher’s attention spans are getting shorter! Video and image content is playing an increasing role in getting visitors to stay on your website and find out about your brand. You may have produced a great video but you should always use optimization techniques to enhance your presence within search engines and video sites such as YouTube. Here are some steps you can take relating to video SEO:

  • The better the video – the better the success rate. This includes picture quality, sound, script, presentation, etc.
  • Great videos engage the viewer and are then are liked, shared, and commented upon. They can be found via video channels, social platforms and the search engines.
  • Videos should have a strong keyword focus. This often includes keyword research to determine the optimum terms.
  • Include a transcription of your video. The search engines spider this content and it helps them to understand relevancy. If you cannot produce a transcript then use captioning if it is available.
  • Host your video on YouTube. This is the 2nd largest search engine -only Google is larger.
  • Embed your video on your website within a page devoted to the content of the website. The page can also include descriptions, images and an html transcription. To embed a YouTube video always use the old embed code as this can be accessed by search engine spiders. This helps to build authority for your video.
  • Always include a video sitemap for your embedded videos on your website. This is the preference of search engines such as Google. This should include video title, description, playpage URL, thumbnail URL, and the raw video URL.
  • Search engines prefer you use Schema markup with your video. This helps search engines and their spiders access your videos.

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Video Example:  Everest Complaint Management System

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